Happy Memorial Day

memorial day

This Memorial Day, please set aside some time to observe a moment of silence in honor of our heroes and heroines who sacrificed or risked their lives for our country and our freedom.  We, your business partners at WRT, wish you and your families a very safe and enjoyable Memorial Holiday weekend.


Please be advised that our office, as well as ALL County Recorders offices will be closed on Monday, May 30th, 2016 in observance of this federal holiday!
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Do I need to Homestead my property?


In a distressed housing market, it is natural for homeowners to question the security of their homeownership. Attached is an informative piece on how a homestead declaration operates in the state of California.It is important to remember that a homestead provision offers homeowners only limited protection from a forced sale to satisfy certain debts.  As always, we kindly recommended you direct all legal/debt questions to the proper professional.

Happy Mother’s Day!

 mothers day
To All The Deal Makers:
If you are a mom, you are a great “deal-maker.”
You are the shrewdest of negotiators
And a true master of your craft.
You know exactly what it takes
To remove All contingencies
And get the job done.
If you are a great “deal-maker,”
Then you owe your mom FULL commission,
In love and appreciation,
For brokering the best escrow of her life!
-Marcus Jacques
Happy Mother’s Day!